Learn the Standards Needed to Operate a Sustainable Credit-Clearing System  

There is a special power generated by shared experiences - especially those that are connected with others who are reaching for a common goal. Every new credit-clearing system will encounter both achievement and challenges.

Along the way, they will discover new ways to overcome the challenges and embrace the achievements. For all the training, planning and guidance that GETS Plus delivers, we also believe that very little can substitute these shared experiences.

Let’s GETS Together

That’s where the GETS Together events come in. GETS Together conferences are the cornerstone to ongoing education regarding maintaining and growing sustainable currency systems and will include lectures and panels from various experts.

GETS Together Events Will

  • Encourage participants to share their progress and challenges in initiating their plan and managing their systems.
  • Promote general collaboration with fellow GETS users in a secure and healthy environment.
  • Provide access and training on the GETS credit-clearing technology and preview future developments.
  • Teach basic fundamental credit-clearing concepts and core standards that promote success and sustainability.
  • Share and analyze marketing strategies that are needed for various phases of credit-clearing system development.
  • Focus on the social enterprise and community benefit aspect of every system.
  • Review accounting requirements and laws of respective locations.
  • Appraise current, and new industry trends and benefits.