Powerful Potential
GETS Plus believes that complementary currency clearing networks hold powerful potential to help communities unlock unappreciated assets – especially in times of economic challenge.

Unlocking Unsold Capacity & Assets
These unappreciated assets are the very goods and services that sit underutilized and unsold with Main Street businesses across the country.

Now, imagine if these businesses are educated about their potential and their community networks are given proper training and tools to operate strong, trusted, sustainable exchange systems. These communities would flourish.

Mutual Ownership
Then, add to that the opportunity to have mutual ownership of the training and the tools in a cooperative environment and these communities will do more than flourish – they will be transformed.

Discover The Power of Exchange
The goal of GETS Plus is to steward this transformation in complementary currency clearing by building a community of communities that not only recognizes the power of exchange, but also recognizes the power in doing it right for the long term. And the power of doing it together.

GETS Plus will does this by offering the right tools that provide:

  • Education Strategy & Marketing
  • Procedures for Good Governance
  • Standards
  • Technology 

And by providing the leadership to establish the track towards mutual ownership and shared responsibility in a cooperative ideal called GETS Together.