Keeping the wealth in the local community
Community wealth is not only related to the amount of cash in a community, but the amount of assets, capacity and skills.

The purpose of GETS Procurement Planning  is to encourage participating members to put their buying power at each other's disposal and keep it circulating within their ranks, thereby providing members with additional sales volume

Spending locally ensures that more wealth stays within the community by businesses & consumers spending locally with local owned businesses everyone benefits.

Healthy local economies are vital to overall prosperity and a thriving social structure. The local economy is more robust and the value of the money they spend and the rewards they earn continue to circulate within their local business community.

There is a need for an incentive purchasing program that enables local businesses to reward each other and their customers without discounting or impacting business cash flow and profit margins.

This is exactly what GETS Procurement Planning has been designed to do, designed to create a strategy for a strong local economy and protect the wealth of these communities.

This is achieved by two localisation programs

1. The Trade Exchange which incentivises local businesses to buy from other local businesses.

2. The Loyalty Exchange which incentivises local consumers to buy from local businesses. 

Traditional methods to encourage local buying such as discount clubs have always impacted business cash flow and profit margins and have been proven not to benefit local business who cannot afford the same discounts as the large nationals.

GETS Procurement Planning Benefits 

  • Protecting the local pool of wealth
  • Rewards Local businesses with a local conscious
  • Peace of mind for suppliers having secured business
  • Putting buyer power in the hands of local business
  • Mutual circle of buyers and sellers, creates loyalty
  • Promotes Responsible Purchasing - not just focused on price
  • Vendors are engaged and interested in the local community and commitment to local trade.
  • Building a business fortress against online out of town purchasing threats
  • Keeping it Local – collaboration with other local independent businesses
  • Repeat business – creates loyalty and incentivises the seller
  • Security for local business by long term agreements
  • Price matching streamlines the negotiation process