GETS Rewards

GETS Rewards is a new type of coalition loyalty rewards program, which we call a "Loyalty Exchange". The Loyalty Exchange is an exciting new innovation that allows businesses to exchange their unsold capacity or products to create reward points.

GETS Rewards represents a critical tipping point when the GETS community of credit-clearing networks introduces systems and procedures that will essentially place complementary currency in the pockets of the consumer and the general public. 

In short, GETS Rewards allows businesses to use their complementary currency as a means to reward cash paying customers. Instead of paying cash for reward points, an often prohibitive option, businesses can use their goods and services to fuel such a system.

In this way, GETS Rewards will provide another channel for businesses to increase cash sales and improve their cash flow while also circulating a local currency.

GETS Rewards will be run as a Coalition Model where consumers can collect and redeem points from multiple merchants. In addition to enabling businesses to implement a powerful marketing program backed by their goods and services (not cash), the program will also work to help local businesses collaborate with each other while they still remain independent.

It is important to note that GETS Rewards relies on a robust exchange network of B2B communities utilizing GETS credit-clearing technology.

What are the benefits of GETS Rewards?

  • 1. Increase Customer Spend
  • 2. Increase Customer Retention
  • 3. Increase Customer Frequency
  • 4. Reward Key Customer Behaviours
  • 5. Strengthen Customer Relationships
  • 6. Establish a Competitive Differentiation
  • 7. Boost Sales of Specific Products
  • 8. Increase Customer Referrals
  • 9. Improve Profit Margins
  • 10. Increase Cash Flow