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The Gets Plus Management Team

Richard Logie and Linda Sim became involved in the Trade Exchange (barter) industry in 1993and established The Business Exchange (TBEx) in 1995.

Together they share a philosophy that has always been based on quality and governance of procedures.

Coming from the sectors of Finance (Richard) and Oil (Linda), they applied their knowledge and experience of strict controls and good business practices to run TBEx.

These principles have ensured the sustainability of the TBEx barter system and the retention of the local client base in United Kingdom.

The TBEx currency is respected, stable and does not suffer from inflation.

Richard Logie email

Richard was born in the Orkney Islands and brought up in the Highlands of Scotland, where community and family are all important.

Raised in such a remote area of the British Isles made the art of exchange, and the dependence on the community crucial and simply a part of daily life.

After graduating from college as a qualified engineer, he pursued a career in Aberdeen Scotland in the Financial Services sector.

He became particularly interested in the social enterprise aspect of peer-to-peer mutual credit and community currencies, and how such systems can provide benefit to local and rural communities if operated properly.

In identifying the obstacles to trade, and studying closely the impact that trading without a common currency created awareness of the need for common standards, procedures and operating systems, and so was born the GETS Vision.

As a past IRTA Global board Director and Chairman of Universal Currency (UC) for 5 years his experiences in dealing with a broad range of reciprocal trading exchanges underlined the difficulties many organizations have faced in maximizing their potential to trade, and has broadened further still his knowledge and experience of working with a varied range of businesses and communities.

Linda Sim email

Like Richard, Linda built her experience as a director of The Business Exchange where she oversaw all of the operational processes.

Her experience has been invaluable in the development of the GETS software and the creation of structured administrative processes.

Having had such relevant experience over such an extended period of time, Linda has seen every aspect of administrative process imaginable in the trade exchange industry, developing ethical, good and best practices from around the world and understands the challenges the back office has in running an effective business.

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